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Enterprise-grade IT support. Simple plans that work for SMEs.

Today's IT should just work. So why keep paying to fix the same old problems? It's time to get more from your budget with Delta Comtech.

Cure your IT support pain points

Do these common problems sound familiar? Our IT support is designed to solve them for good.

The same issues keep coming back

Your IT support shouldn't be limited to short-term solutions. We work to fix recurring problems at the root, so they’re gone for good.

Our IT is damaging our productivity

Unhealthy IT can slow your staff down, or even grind work to a halt. Our IT support focuses on enhancing IT so it works better for your business.

Our existing IT support is too slow

We provide guaranteed response times. Our enterprise-class priority system solves serious IT issues fastest. Your business suffers less disruption.

Simple. Fair. Efficient.

The Delta Comtech IT support plan is simple, transparent, and fits lean budgets.

Low monthly cost

Service plans start at £150/month

Pay as you go

Buy labour based on estimated monthly usage

Time rolls over

Unused hours are deducted from next month's bill

Why work with Delta Comtech?

Our skilled team has delivered expert IT support for British businesses since 1993.

Your in-house team

We're here to help with any problem. Think of us as your own in-house IT support team, but less expensive.

Multi-vendor expertise

Your IT probably doesn't all come from Microsoft, or HP, or IBM. That’s why our team includes experts in a range of technologies.

Technical pedigree

Every member of our team comes from a technical background and maintains certified IT support skills.

Millson Associates

When major architecture and interior design firm Millson Associates needed more pro-active and reliable IT services, it selected Delta Comtech as its new partner. Delta Comtech provided the company with an effective IT strategy, responsive support, and a smooth transition to the cloud.

"We have enjoyed greater peace of mind, massive improvements in day-to-day support, and better response times since partnering with Delta Comtech. The service has been fantastic."
- Ryan Brookes MCIAT, Director

Joined Up Thinking

Millson Associates made the decision to change its IT provider when an avoidable data loss incident halted company operations for several days.

"There was a lack of pro-active, joined-up thinking from our previous IT supplier," says company director Ryan Brookes. "We needed someone who could prevent disasters and provide a working IT strategy, and Delta Comtech was the right fit."

Delta Comtech implemented a complete new solution including an IT management plan, a more reliable server infrastructure, and ongoing IT support.

Preventing data loss

Delta Comtech, a Microsoft Gold Partner, also helped Millson Associates make the transision to Office 365 and the Azure cloud backup service.

"It was a smooth setup with no major issues," says Ryan. The company is now supported by a highly secure, standards-compliant data backup service, giving it peace of mind that data loss problems can be averted in future.

Tell us your IT support needs

If you need better IT support, we would love to talk through your requirements. We will listen to your business needs and IT problems, and talk straight about how we can help.

If you're with another provider, we can also make switching easy.

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