Recovery Testing


Assuming that your IT system can recover documents isn’t good enough. Businesses need to be certain that the method for recovering their data is actually working. Delta Comtech works to ensure they never have to endure an expensive data loss or downtime period.

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Delta Comtech tests systematically, reliably and regularly.

Recovery Testing

Your Backup Is Only As Good As the last Recovery

Most businesses don’t realise that the success of their daily backup is entirely dependent on the success of their last recovery. This is a serious problem, as up to 70% of tapes fail on recovery. Being unable to recover important documents can put some businesses in breach of industry regulations and not being able to backup daily activities can lead to data loss and serious downtime.

Delta Comtechsafely tests recovery capabilities.

It is crucial to test the disaster recovery and individual file recovery abilities of a system. Ideally, this should be done on a regular basis to ensure the system is working at its maximum capabilities. Delta Comtech work with many businesses to ensure this. We put systems under controlled stress tests outside of normal working hours, ensuring there’s no hindrance to your business, and making sure that the environment works.

Recovery Testing

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