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Cybercrime is one of the biggest business challenges of our generation, and a failure to prevent it can have serious financial and reputational consequences. Businesses should be able to defend themselves, understand how to limit damage and be ready to respond quickly when the inevitable happens.

It's all about protecting your business and making it grow.

Enterprise mobility software gives your business the necessary resilience to with stand a cyber attack and protects the integrity of your data. It comprises four key elements that create the most robust security system possible.


Enterprise Mobility gives you superior security. Its uses cutting-edge software that automatically analyses real-time behaviours so it can detect potentially problematic activities and threats. If it detects a problem, simple reporting that allows them to take immediate action – especially important given that attackers typically remain in networks for 200 or more days, lying in wait to strike.

Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility

Intunewith the cloud

Microsoft Intune allows for the easy management of programs and apps in the cloud, on site, or both. By using Intune, management teams can give their staff authorisation to securely gain access to all their apps, information and data stored in the cloud without having to divulge passwords. This helps prevent against data theft and the unauthorised removal of sensitive data from the office environment.


One of the most important things any company can do is to protect their information and communications wherever they are. We employ sophisticated encryption technologies to make sure no one can gain access to your data or your emails. Practically every type of file is supported and it works across all the leading platforms, including Windows and the mobile iOS and Android operating systems. It can be used in the cloud or for on-site networks and is fully integrable with the Office suite of programs.

Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility

SimplyThe Best

Enterprise Mobility delivers robust security for all Office programs, including email, and  every file type and app. Plus, it will save you money.  up to half as much if you purchased individual security solutions to protect your programs and data. It is designed for ease of installation and use, and it works alongside any on-site networks you may have running, as well as with major operating systems. Enterprise Mobility is constructed to the highest of security standards, and detects potential threats before they have a chance to cause chaos.

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All this technology, and more, is here to help your business today – to make it run better and be more profitable, and secure from the vast array of threats just waiting to strike. Get in touch with us today and find out how your company can take advantage of these powerful tools. Our experienced Microsoft specialists are available to discuss your particular requirements – so call or email now.

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