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Delta Backup

The online backup market is very crowded. As a business owner it can be hard to make the best decision about how to replicate data. Delta Backup is a simple and reliable cloud based system to store and replicate your company’s information.

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The best alternative to tapes

Many of the businesses we speak to use tapes as a means of backing up their data. In the past this has been the only long term solution available. However, the cloud presents a compelling alternative.

Cost effective

Having an onsite server costs money to maintain and eventually replace. By switching to Delta Backup completely, or partially to support your existing server, costs are reduced significantly. Don't worry if you exceed your storage limit, Delta Backup is just £45 per terabyte, making it significantly cheaper than other providers.

Eliminate Tapes

There is now a viable alternative to the use of tapes to record information. By being based in the cloud, Delta Backup eliminates the need for an offsite tape solution. This reduces costs significantly, and provides are far more reliable service. We guarantee that the service is 99.99% effective at storing your data.

Long Term Retention

Many businesses have compliance demands to meet. Delta Backup can store information for up to 99 years, meaning it is easy to adhere to industry demands to retain many years of information.

Protect Files.

Businesses need to be sure that their sensitive data won't end up in the wrong hands. Often on site servers have holes where their protection is at risk. However, Delta Backup's cutting edge security means workloads can be protected on any cloud whether that's hosted, public or private. Businesses can be certain that by partnering with Delta Backup their information will never be compromised.

Delta Backup

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By moving to Delta Backup, businesses can also benefit from the expertise of Delta Comtech’s IT support service. We will monitor your backup to ensure it works 365 days a year and aim to resolve any issues you may have as efficiently as possible.

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