Microsoft CRM was tailor made for the Construction industry

  Large infrastructure projects such as Cross Rail will help the construction industry grow by 4% this year, taking the sector back to pre recession levels of activity. Whilst house building remains stagnant, the appetite for large scale, commercial projects continues unabated.

Encouraging people to be social in the office.

The dominance of technology companies continues apace. Just a few days after Apple revealed their latest sales figures, WhatsApp is now making headlines. In data released today, the company owned by Facebook is used by a billion people a month, exchanging 42 billion messages and 250 million videos everyday. Easily dismissed as a messaging platform for tweens, […]

How to act on Lloyds Bank’s Digital Maturity Index

  As a technology company that is keen to encourage as many people as possible to embrace the cloud, Lloyds Bank’s Digital Maturity Index* is a must read. Whilst many areas of the country are continuing to make great strides, particularly in the South East,  too many regional SME’s are struggling to adapt. In fact, around 37% of SME’s […]

Constructive advice for the Construction industry.

  Latest figures suggest that the building industry is experiencing a 26 month high in output. After a turbulent few years, this is welcome news. Commercial construction led the way, but was closely followed by residential as another sign of the UK’s slowly improving economic outlook.

Want to increase revenue? Be efficient.

    This week saw the release of Arden Stockbrokers annual report into the state of the legal sector. Reading its findings in The lawyer, it s predictions are startling . The report predicts that in the coming year, many smaller firms will struggle to grow, whilst those firms that have revenue of more than £20 […]

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to make lawyers more efficient

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is one of the best ways to improve a lawyers ability to connect with customers, although many law firms remain skeptical. A poll conducted by the Managing Partners Association found that six out of seven firms aren’t getting the full benefit from their CRM system, largely due to lawyers not understanding […]

Surviving Armageddon without Bruce Willis: Disaster Recovery

For many retailers, last Friday represented the closest they will ever get to armageddon, and whilst analysts fight over whether Black Friday is here to stay, the fact remains that being able to cope with extreme and dramatic circumstances within a business are crucial to its survival. The retail sector knows well in advance to […]