Microsoft has announced that its first UK cloud computing data centres are now up and running, and that their first clients will be the Ministry of Defence. Following a conversation between Mike Stone, the MoD’s CIO and Microsoft UK several years ago about the need for a UK data centre to meet stringent regulation, the […]

The culture within many SMEs is to see business IT as a cost – a necessary expense of the way we do business in the 21st century. Smart businesses, however, grasp the fact that their IT systems are an investment and can be key to manageable growth, scalability and profitability. An example would be a […]

According to IT security firm Malwarebytes, some 40% of businesses have now been threatened by a ransom-based attack. Their free research that you can access here ( shows that health and finance firms are primary targets, but with the trend growing at 44% a year, it won’t be long until they come calling at your […]

The sands may be shifting politically and economically, but the challenges for small and medium sized law firms remain the same. Namely, to increase profit margins and protect data from external threats. On the surface, they appear to be two very distinct challenges, but scratch beneath the surface and it becomes clear that cyber security […]