The culture within many SMEs is to see business IT as a cost – a necessary expense of the way we do business in the 21st century. Smart businesses, however, grasp the fact that their IT systems are an investment and can be key to manageable growth, scalability and profitability. An example would be a […]

According to IT security firm Malwarebytes, some 40% of businesses have now been threatened by a ransom-based attack. Their free research that you can access here ( shows that health and finance firms are primary targets, but with the trend growing at 44% a year, it won’t be long until they come calling at your […]

The sands may be shifting politically and economically, but the challenges for small and medium sized law firms remain the same. Namely, to increase profit margins and protect data from external threats. On the surface, they appear to be two very distinct challenges, but scratch beneath the surface and it becomes clear that cyber security […]

Being able to manage your business email is a priority for small and medium sized business owners. They need reliable, supported business class email, with adequate storage and security. But where to turn? The answer, is Office 365 from Microsoft. It provides the most advanced and secure business class email around, whilst sitting within Office […]

Microsoft has invested some of its huge war chest of cash reserves in one of the largest technology acquisitions in recent years. Acquiring the professional social network LinkedIn will give the company a valuable source of information when it comes to expanding the knowledge available on customers, clients, prospects and other contacts. Using that information […]

The latest remote working technology has given businesses a lot of flexibility and served to help reduce overheads in the office, while giving employees a degree of freedom that can represent good human resources policy. As with any company policy which gives up a degree of control, however, there are pitfalls you would be wise […]