IFA’s and IT Compliance

Are you safe and secure in The Cloud? As an Independent Financial Advisor, your customers have to have absolute trust in you. You are looking after their money and their interests, and the tools you use to do this need to be absolutely right for the task.Using a cloud-based IT platform has significant advantages and […]

Choosing the right laptop screen

Choosing the right laptop Screen Screen Resolutions Explained When looking at a laptop specification many look the same but one area that can get overlooked is not all 13”, 14” or 15” screens are the same. The term HD (High Definition) gets put on an awful lot of laptops but by modern standards this is […]

Windows 10

Some of our customers are starting to ask us about the benefits and drawbacks of Windows 10. In our view it’s a fantastic upgrade to Windows that we would recommend to all our customers. Designed for the modern world of cloud services and mobility, Windows 10 is extremely easy to use.If you are a user of Windows […]

Is your business as innovative as it could be?

  The North West has, since the inception of the Industrial Revolution been at the forefront of technological innovation in the UK. In recent years, the investment in science in Manchester has proved to be a shrewd move. In 2010, two academics from the University of Manchester received the Nobel Prize for Science for their creation of […]

Hacked Off

      It’s been a ten days since the vast Ashley Madison hack made headlines worldwide. Its not surprising, the numbers are staggering. 33 million users affected, 1.2 million in the UK alone. Everything from email addresses to banking details have been leaked by a group calling itself ‘The Impact Team’. The diverse range […]

14th Aug 2015 at 4:41 pm

Apple Music; The next big thing or a flash in the pan?

    Last week, Apple music released the first set of figures for its sign up service. So far, its looks impressive. 11 million people have signed up, compared to Jay Z’s Tidal, which has just 770,000 users. That is, however, a long way behind Spotify’s 75 million users, although to be fair where Apple music […]

Lawyers: Is Your Work Safe in the Cloud?

    You may see migrating your firm’s entire network to a cloud-based, remote system as a challenging, even daunting, task. A good IT provider will give you the necessary support to meet this challenge and to effect a smooth transition to your new system.   Cloud computing has great advantages and presents certain opportunities […]

Can Cloud Computing Help Increase Productivity?

The Bad News   The UK’s productivity remains weak.  Weak enough for the Bank of England to refer to it as the “productivity puzzle”.  Similarly, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) refers to an “unprecedented absence” of growth.   The Bank’s Quarterly Bulletin examines this pressing issue.  While it suggests there may be certain contributory […]