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The Cloud: How to Be More Productive….Anywhere

Are you looking to ‘go mobile’ with cloud solutions? Small and medium sized businesses are leading the way by embracing mobile internet technologies, but security, privacy and technology are still concerns when considering moving your business to the cloud. With some very clear benefits for your business, we’ve put together some background information, as well as top tips, to help ensure your move is successful. Read more

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A cloud only future?
Cloud services are big news – and deservedly so. Hosting your data in the cloud is undoubtedly the direction the industry is heading. More and more services are becoming hosted every day, and the pace is accelerating.

With the move towards an ever more decentralised model, it can sometimes seem like the humble onsite server will soon be a thing of the past. Read more

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Google to Debate ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Law

Internet search engine giant Google is arranging a series of discussions across Europe aimed at debating the ‘Right to be Forgotten’.

The controversial law, brought in by the EU ostensibly as a means for people to protect their online privacy, is yet another factor in the on-going conversation over internet security and privacy. In recent months internet users have been exposed to other threats to privacy such as the HeartBleed exploit and the iCloud celebrity hacking scandal.

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