There’s a digital answer to almost every business problem in 2017. But what about the humble bulletin board? Millions of frontline staff in restaurants, hotels, shops and other service roles still rely on paper notes, pinboards, and email for everyday communication. All those things can get lost and cluttered easily. And what if someone’s off […]

We love Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Delta Comtech. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for improving customer experiences, and making smarter business decisions. It also gets amazing results for lots of our customers. That said, setting up Dynamics CRM is an involved process. It’s well worth it, but not every small business has the resources to […]

Is it time for a shift in how we strategise against data breaches and cyber-attacks? Microsoft thinks so, and we agree. In late 2015, CEO Satya Nadella outlined a new approach to security inspired by a threat landscape that is worsening all the time, even as corporations ramp up their data defences. You’ve probably noticed […]

More often than not, we try to take the horror out of small business IT and show our customers how simple  installing and using new technology is. However, in honour of Halloween, we have decided to indulge ourselves in our most ghoulish and repulsive IT nightmares, courtesy of our Technical Director Mike, who has provided […]

In our company wide meeting last Thursday, we were sat discussing the common pitfalls for IT security. It was an animated conversation and there was a wide range of suggestions for why and how confidential information is often leaked by companies. These ranged from passwords that are too simple to out of date technology and […]

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Blackberry is no longer producing its own mobile phones. In a sign of the times, blackberry has said that whilst it will continue to produce its iconic keypad phones, they will be made by an external partner. Any future handsets will also be produced externally. Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Blackberry has […]

Tim Cook has officially unveiled the iPhone 7, Apple’s first smartphone launch in two years. After some details were leaked, many in the media were waiting in anticipation of what else Apple would have up its sleeve.   In terms of headline changes, the answer is not very much. Apart from the removal of the […]