Microsoft has invested some of its huge war chest of cash reserves in one of the largest technology acquisitions in recent years. Acquiring the professional social network LinkedIn will give the company a valuable source of information when it comes to expanding the knowledge available on customers, clients, prospects and other contacts. Using that information […]

The latest remote working technology has given businesses a lot of flexibility and served to help reduce overheads in the office, while giving employees a degree of freedom that can represent good human resources policy. As with any company policy which gives up a degree of control, however, there are pitfalls you would be wise […]

Figures from the Enterprise Research Centre suggests that the dynamism of the small and medium sized business sector is finally returning to pre-recession levels. Whilst in total, 13 million jobs were lost during the period 2008 to 2014, start up’s have led the resurgence creating 4 million jobs. This, coupled with the ‘birth’ of nearly […]

When you see pictures of historic buildings from around the world, ones that have stood tall against the ravages of time, you’ll often notice that they are still supported by powerful pillars. In fact, where other parts may have crumbled to some degree, those columns still stand erect and powerful. In a way, this is […]

 VoIP . One of the best ways to update your system- and the most cost effective- is to install a VoIP system. Installing a conventional phone system is expensive, but a VoIP system is priced on a pay as you go basis, which means you only pay monthly for the users you require and only […]

 IT support. Having a company you can rely on to manage your IT infrastructure on an ongoing basis can make sure that any problems that arise, or any changes that need making can be done when you need them. Regularly update your hardware. By making sure your hardware is fit for purpose you can make […]

Within any company, bright young workers can stroll in and promptly start diverting their email to personal smartphone, accessing documents from home on their PCs and carrying large amounts of data around on devices or memory sticks. Left unchecked this ad hoc, unmanaged mobility can become a security risk. It will eventually see data being […]

With office rents on the way up, new companies are finding their feet with distributed workforces, both locally and spanning the globe, using cloud services and technology. You might think this is a luxury for knowledge-based or software companies, but serious manufacturing businesses are being born in the cloud with partners building supply chains that […]