What does your office look like?

  Open plan, or perfect isolation? Big or small? Laptop or desktop? Beach or coffee shop? Not sure about that last one? Today everyone’s office looks different, and in the modern business world that variation is only growing.Where once you had to be in the office to work productively, Microsoft Office 365 has turned that idea utterly […]

IFA’s and IT Compliance

Are you safe and secure in The Cloud? As an Independent Financial Advisor, your customers have to have absolute trust in you. You are looking after their money and their interests, and the tools you use to do this need to be absolutely right for the task.Using a cloud-based IT platform has significant advantages and […]

Choosing the right laptop screen

Choosing the right laptop Screen Screen Resolutions Explained When looking at a laptop specification many look the same but one area that can get overlooked is not all 13”, 14” or 15” screens are the same. The term HD (High Definition) gets put on an awful lot of laptops but by modern standards this is […]