Business IT Review

BusinessIT Review

Here at Delta Comtech we understand that when running a business IT is not necessarily your highest priority. That’s why Delta Comtech provide all its potential customers with Business Infrastructure Review

Businesses evolve and their IT ends up being overlooked. A Business Infrastructure Review helps clients understand how they can make the most of what they currently have, and where they can use IT to help take the business forward in the future.


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Delta Comtech look in depth at all aspects of an IT system. Designed for all businesses, we investigate servers, desktops, subscriptions and web portals to make sure we have a thorough understanding.


We review your server to ensure they are configured in the correct manner and that regular maintance has been carried out. We check all server roles to ensure your data is safe.

Firewalls and Routers

Reviewing your firewalls and Routers ensures you and only can access your data quickly and securly.


Reviewing users, security groups and access lists can be an eye opening experience. Do you know which users has what access? And have your leavers been processed properly?

Internet Connectivity

Connectivity is King. With Fibre speeds your IT options really open up. Cloud Server, Cloud Backup and VoIP are all systems that become availble with good connectivity.


Are your backups always successful? Let us make it clear, we will tell you what is covered in your backup plan and how long a recovery would take.


Are apps like Office 365, Dynamics 365 and EM+S configured correctly

Once our survey is complete, we will then report back to you. We produce a detailed document that gives an analysis of where an IT system is doing well, but also where it could be improved.

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Business IT Review

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Understanding your IT is the first step to improving it. If you are struggling to get to grips with your IT system then get in touch today.

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