Posted by Delta Comtech on 9th Mar 2016 in Cloud Computing

Does your business use cloud computing services at the moment?

If no, why not? Maybe it’s because you don’t understand the benefits they could bring to your operation. Whatever the reason might be, this infographic should help to shed some light on the situation and show you why cloud computing is essential for your business.


Infographic: 10 Awesome Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

1. Cloud computing offers total flexibility. Business owners can scale up their cloud capacity to meet the growing needs of their operation.

2. Cloud computing makes disaster recovery simple! Cloud-based backup solutions are cheap and reliable. Average reduction in IT maintenance costs: 16.76%

3. Cloud computing reduces hardware costs. Average reduction: 15.07%

4. Cloud computing takes the hassle out of collaboration, Average increase in process efficiency: 18.80%

5. Cloud computing allows business owners and employees to work from anywhere.

6. Cloud computing offers greater protection and security measures.

7. Cloud computing helps to protect the environment. Less paper waste and less need for plastic hard drives. Reduction in carbon footprint.

8. Cloud computing helps to future-proof any modern business

9. Average increase in company growth following the implementation of cloud services: 19.63%

10. Cloud computing offers automatic software updates.


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